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At Eden Coffee Roasters, we believe that making great coffee combined with responsible business practices can be employed for a greater purpose. Through the sale of our specialty coffees, 20% of all profits are donated to organizations around the globe working to save and rescue endangered species and habitat. 

We focus on making great coffee while creating a positive impact on things we care about deeply - wildlife and the environment.

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In 2007, our founder spent 3 weeks in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica which is famous for its national park. What was intended as a beach vacation turned into an education in biodiversity, habitat loss and species conservation. 

This began a decade long self-education and eventual employment in sustainable agriculture, healthy living, ecological landscaping and land conservation. Much of our founders' traveling over this time was dedicated to continuing to learn how we can live with less of an impact on the earth and in a way that supports other species way of life. 

After settling into Northern California in 2016, our founder purchased a defunct coffee shop with the intention of creating a community hub for conversation, connection and inspiration. After two years of establishing a strong presence in the community, the location was passed on to a young couple in search of a storefront for their growing coffee brand. 

Eden's founder moved cross-country to start anew and create a stronger focus on environmental conservation.

In this process, Eden Coffee Roasters was conceived with the intention to fuel a greater purpose for those who love coffee, want to support responsibly sourced products and share in the conservation of endangered species. 

Single Origin Coffee pour over made by barista


Our goal is to be a major donor each year to various organizations that focus on wildlife and habitat conservation.

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